Why I love Las Vegas: The Law of Large Numbers

(View the app I created that illustrates the Law of Large Numbers either before or after reading this article here) Las Vegas is caters to people’s vices of all kinds. Sheindy and I love visiting Sin City although we do not gamble, drink or partake in any of the other entertainment and activities designed to cater to human weakness. We go there because the accommodation is relatively inexpensive, family friendly

We (and our investments) Regress to Mediocrity

(Here is an interactive app I created to help you understand the ideas expressed in this post. Take a look either before or after reading the post. We all have days where we are much more productive than usual. At such times we feel good about ourselves and think that we are turning a new leaf in terms of our productivity. Overtime however, we often find ourselves reverting back to

The Normal Distribution – Explained Intuitively

Of all the people that you know how many of them are truly extraordinary in any domain? How many world-class dancers do you know? How of the people in the Forbes list of richest people do you personally know? Unless you are a professional dancer or are extremely wealthy, I already know the answer to these two questions: you most likely don’t know any. How do I know that? Well