Levi Brackman

The Normal Distribution – Explained Intuitively

Of all the people that you know how many of them are truly extraordinary in any domain? How many world-class dancers do you know? How of the people in the Forbes list of richest people do you personally know? Unless you are a professional dancer or are extremely wealthy, I already know the answer to these two questions: you most likely don’t know any. How do I know that? Well

The Secret to Success that Eluded Jacob

No one wants to live a life of mediocrity or failure and therefore go through life desperately seeking success. Yet, for many success seems to be ever-moving and unreachable goal post. What is the secret to true and lasting success? The life of Jacob, holds the secret to true and lasting success. Jacob lived a life of struggle. He grew up in the shadow of his older brother Esau. Based

Excerpt: Jewish Wisdom for Business Success

Jewish Wisdom for Business Success Lessons from the Torah and Other Ancient Texts By Levi Brackman, Sam Jaffe Pub Date: 2008 List Price: $24.00  Click here to buy from Amazon   Click here to buy from BN.com Overview Excerpt Table of Contents Excerpt Introduction Why have Jews been so successful at making money? There are plenty of theories: genetics, cultural sensibilities, the herring. We don’t agree with any of them.

Laws of Attraction

Attraction between the sexes is a complex issue. There are many different theories explaining what attracts men and women to each other. Some theorize that opposites attract. Others posit that it is odor that causes the attraction. Still others hypothesize that men marry women who remind them of their mothers and women marry men who remind them of their fathers[1]. An enigmatic verse in the Bible seems to shed light