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3 Ways AI Will Drive the Future of Travel

Considering how quickly Siri, Alexa and Hey Google have become a part of consumers’ everyday lives, it is not hard to imagine an environment where these “AI agents” takes their place at the center of shopping – for travel and everything else.

The experience will likely look something like this: When you want to book a trip, you will call upon your favorite AI agent — Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana, Facebook “M”, or some yet to be created AI assistant — and tell it the origin, destination, dates and price point. With that one request, the AI agent will search all of the existing travel content, or data, across the globe. This includes flights, ground transportation, lodging – including the ancillaries and extras such as seat upgrades or baggage insurance. Then, the AI agent, knowing your personal preferences, will quickly book the best possible solution based on your dates, budget and personal preferences. Done.

Enterprise-Level Data Science: Lessons From the Frontlines

(First published by datascience.com) Data science, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are relatively new endeavors for enterprise-level business. Many companies are batch training as well as batch scoring ML models. Predictions are stored in a database to be retrieved either by applications or humans. However, real-time training on streaming data and near real-time scoring of models in the hot path is something many enterprises aim to do but

Travel Industry Must Outgrow Its Past to Thrive in an AI World

The airline industry was at the forefront of many of the significant innovations of the last century. Besides for all the advances related directly to aviation, airlines were also pioneering in developing computer systems that could be accessed around the globe to book and reserve airline tickets.  Airlines also established revenue management systems to optimize revenue from ticket sales. Inventions by the airlines in this area have informed revenue management

AI and Travel Distribution

We live in a world of platforms. Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and Twitter are all platforms. In essence platforms are intermediaries. They are the modern-day equivalent of middlemen who facilitate transactions or communication between two entities. To understand how middlemen evolved into platforms and how platforms thrive in the 21st century we must very briefly review postmodernism. Derrida and Postmodernism The famous post-modern philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) is known for the

Function in R for Word and Line Count Table

Here I present a new function I created to find the count of lines and words in a text document and return them in the form of a table. It uses the wc “qdap” package in R as well as base R functions sum, nrow, as.numeric, as.data.frame and cbind. The Problem: How to find both the number of lines and the amount of words in a potentially large document using R

Goodness of Fit Measures Table APA for Factor Analysis

This post is for social science researchers and research psychologists who are doing factor analysis and want to create tables with fit measures in R. If you do not fit that very narrow audience you might not find this post interesting. The Problem: How to take the fit measures of multiple models and place them into a table (APA style) that can be put directly into a paper. The solution:

Polls, Margin of Errors and Standard Deviations

See My App that Explains Standard Deviations Intuitively Here This coming week there are big primaries with lot of delegates up for grabs in New York. It seems from the polls that the both Trump and Clinton are ahead. How reliable are those polls? There are many ways to answer that question and it really depends on many complex considerations such as how the poll was taken, how many people

How Politicians Lie to You With Statistics

See shiny app here [dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are in the midst of an intense election season here in the United States and it seems that some politicians will say anything in order to get votes. This should come as no surprise. As my father used to tell me the one most important qualification needed to be a successful politician is to be an artful lier. One of the most efficient tactics used

Why I love Las Vegas: The Law of Large Numbers

(View the app I created that illustrates the Law of Large Numbers either before or after reading this article here) Las Vegas is caters to people’s vices of all kinds. Sheindy and I love visiting Sin City although we do not gamble, drink or partake in any of the other entertainment and activities designed to cater to human weakness. We go there because the accommodation is relatively inexpensive, family friendly

We (and our investments) Regress to Mediocrity

(Here is an interactive app I created to help you understand the ideas expressed in this post. Take a look either before or after reading the post. We all have days where we are much more productive than usual. At such times we feel good about ourselves and think that we are turning a new leaf in terms of our productivity. Overtime however, we often find ourselves reverting back to