Enterprise-Level Data Science: Lessons From the Frontlines

(First published by datascience.com) Data science, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are relatively new endeavors for enterprise-level business. Many companies are batch training as well as batch scoring ML models. Predictions are stored in a database to be retrieved either by applications or humans. However, real-time training on streaming data and near real-time scoring of models in the hot path is something many enterprises aim to do but

Travel Industry Must Outgrow Its Past to Thrive in an AI World

The airline industry was at the forefront of many of the significant innovations of the last century. Besides for all the advances related directly to aviation, airlines were also pioneering in developing computer systems that could be accessed around the globe to book and reserve airline tickets.  Airlines also established revenue management systems to optimize revenue from ticket sales. Inventions by the airlines in this area have informed revenue management

Function in R for Word and Line Count Table

Here I present a new function I created to find the count of lines and words in a text document and return them in the form of a table. It uses the wc “qdap” package in R as well as base R functions sum, nrow, as.numeric, as.data.frame and cbind. The Problem: How to find both the number of lines and the amount of words in a potentially large document using R